MANNARINO works with leading simulator manufacturers to perform work on various software projects, which include but are not limited to:

Cockpit simulator (OSTP)

§  Software requirements development

§  Software coding and debugging in C++

§  Unit testing

§  Hardware/software integration

§  Software Problem Report (SPR) investigations


Mission Computer

§  Software development work (software coding & debugging in Assembly language)

§  Generation and execution of software and system test cases and engineering reviews (code & documentation)

§  Built parser for Multi-Sensor Integration (MSI) data

§  Software Problem Report (SPR) investigation on simulator


Sub-System Software Development & Testing

§  Ice & Rain Protection (ATA30)

§  Anti-Ice Control Function (Control & Monitor)

§  Wing Anti-Ice Protection System (Control & Monitor)

§  Window Heat Computer

§  Miscellaneous Systems Components (rain repellant, wipers, ice detectors, ice accretion simulations)

§  Lighting (ATA33)

§  Cockpit lights

§  Exterior lights

§  Cabin lights

§  Emergency lights

§  Air Conditioning and Pressurization (ATA21)

§  Pneumatics (ATA36)

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