Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH) RTCA/DO-254 Engineering Services

MANNARINO has leveraged its RTCA/DO-254 and RTCA/DO-178 project experience, as well as its hardware experience to offer Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH) engineering services.

Current MANNARINO capabilities include:

§  Transport Canada approvals (including):

  • Type Certification (TC)
  • Supplemental Type Certification (STC)
  • Canadian Technical Standard Orders (CAN-TSO)

§  AEH Certification Plans

§  Planning Documents

§  Standards (Requirements, Design, Verification & Validation)

§  Requirements (with associated traceability)

§  Requirements Verification (test cases, procedures, execution, results)

  • Open & closed-loop test facilities (lab already in place for systems & software testing)
  • Programmable devices (FPGA and PLD) RTL and gate level simulation and in-circuit test
  • Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) verification per RTCA/DO-254 DAL D

§  Design/coding & code verification/reviews

§  Process Assurance

§  Configuration Management


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