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Lockheed Martin investit dans une PME montréalaise
09 novembre 2010

(Montréal) Une petite entreprise de Saint-Laurent a attiré l’attention de la multinationale américaine Lockheed Martin et s’est négocié un certain accès à ses larges goussets.

John Mannarino’s St. Laurent-based company tests safety-critical control systems that simulate real-life flying conditions.
09 janvier 2010

Even recessions can be unevenly felt. John Mannarino, for one, utters phrases seldom heard in the last couple of years. “We’ve had a very good year. We even hired four people in December,” said the president and founder of St. Laurent’s Mannarino Systems & Software Inc. “We were 24 (employees) before, so percentage-wise, that represents a big jump.”

Flying Solo
04 mai 2009

John Mannarino graduated from Concordia University in 1989 with the highest GPA in its engineering program. Unsurprisingly, he was flagged for recruitment by one of his profs, Hany Moustapha, a respected mentor in Quebec’s aerospace industry whose principal job is director of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Technology and Collaboration Program.