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MANNARINO offers a variety of training options including off-the-shelf seminars on industry guidance material as well as custom-tailored solutions.  The following off-the-shelf seminars are offered:

Technical Seminars

  • MSS110           Software Aspects of Certification and RTCA/DO-178B/C
  • MSS120           Hardware Aspects of Certification and RTCA/DO-254
  • MSS130           Systems Development Assurance and SAE/ARP4754A
  • MSS140           Guidance for Engineers for RTCA/DO-178B/C DAL D Systems

Management Seminars

  • MSS210           Management Seminar for RTCA/DO-178B/C, RTCA/DO-254, SAE/ARP4754A

Upcoming Training and Seminars :

(MSS110) Software Aspects of Certification and RTCA/DO-178B/C3 daysMay 13, 2019Montreal, QC, CanadaClosed
(MSS210) Management Seminar for RTCA/DO-178B/C, RTCA/DO-254 & SAE/ARP 4754

1 dayMay 28, 2019Ottawa, ON, CanadaClosed
Software Aspects of Certification and RTCA/DO-178C (DAL - D) Seminar
1/2 dayOct 29, 2019Ottawa, ON, CanadaClosed


Upcoming Webinars

RPAS Software Certification30 minApr 17, 2019 Closed
RPAS Software Certification45 minMay 21, 2019Closed


MANNARINO also offers onsite training at the customer’s premises as well as possibility to customize the training agenda with respect to your requirements and may also incorporate coaching on practical cases.

For more information about our onsite training service please contact us:

Badr Boushel
Technical Sales Manager
T: +1 514 381-1360 #232
F: +1 514 381-7511

Jim Palmer
Director of Business Development
T: +1 514 381-1360 #225
F: +1 514 381-7511