Ground Support Equipment Software

Ground station software update & certification support

Based on their performance developing the FADEC software, MANNARINO was asked to develop ground support equipment (GSE) engine software.

MANNARINO responsibilities included:

  • Support certification of software
  • Review sub-system safety analysis
  • Generate all civil certification life cycle data
  • Upgrade the GSE software functionality to meet functional requirements
  • Improve GSE environment supportability (Windows XP/2000/Vista)
  • Update documentation for GSE users and developers

The GSE for digital engine controllers provides engine monitoring functions to capture and store control system failure information and engine history data. This information is used by maintenance personnel to isolate engine problems and/or determine the necessary maintenance action. The GSE software is a tool that allows maintenance personnel to communicate with the engine FADEC for downloading engine monitoring data, or uploading calibration constants and engine history data for a new or replacement FADEC. The GSE software may also be configured as an engineering tool for FADEC interrogation during engine testing.